Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage uses various techniques to promote healing, increase circulation for muscle, soft tissues, and stimulates parasympathetic nervous system to relax body and mind. 



Acupressure is a technique by applying various type of pressure with finger tip, palm, elbow or forearm on acupuncture point and channels to stimulate skin, muscle, tendon or ligament.  The goal is to promote the blood circulation, open up the energy flow to restore the balance for healing and wellness.  

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper layer of muscle group and tendons to open up adhesions causing by wear and tear, improper posture or chronic repetitive injuries. Adhesions would slow down or block the blood circulation causing ache and pain. By applying proper pressure deeply to adhesions would generate the blood circulation, therefor reduce the ache and pain.

Hot Stone Massage

The surface of stone is very smooth, and usually heated to 90 degree Fahrenheit. With massage oil applied on the body, the heated stone will be held on the hands of the therapist and gliding through the skin surface. After several gliding, stone will be place on the skin for a couple minutes. Usually 4 to 8 stones will be placed during the procedure. The heat will penetrate skin and muscle gradually to promote blood circulation and relaxation.  

Swedish Massage

This technique is performed with massage oil applied. Therapist will use palm or forearm gliding through the skin with gentle pressure and speed. It stimulates the parasympathetic nerve system, increases the blood circulation, release stress, relax the skin, muscle, body and mind.