We offer services of acupuncture, therapeutic massage and cupping therapy to support your health and your healing process.  When you come in , Mr. Hsu, our Acupuncturist, will help you determine the best services for your needs.

What should I expect from the acupuncture treatment?

1. Acupuncture needle stimulates nerve group in the body, you may feel tingling, numbness, aches and pain or electical current running when the needle inserted. From the scale of 1-10, usually people would rate it around 1~3 out of 10. Depending on your pain tolerance, most people feel "not as painful as they think", some people feel "it's nothing" or "slight pinch".

2. Acupuncture treatment naturally relaxes the body, mind and lower your blood pressure. You may feel light headness or slight dizziness after treatment. 

3. Wear Loosended, comfortable clothing because some frequently used acupuncture points are in the elbow, around the should and knee area. For your convenience, patient gown is provided.


3. The initial visit may last  60 to 90 minutes.  Follow up visits would take 45 to 75 minutes depending on your condition. 


4. Your conditions may improve in 3-5 treatments. If your conditions is chronic for months, even years, more treatments are necessary.